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Autobiography of St. Valentine

There are various accounts as to whom St Valentine was. It is said that there were two St Valentine's whom died at around the same time and are buried virtually in the same place at the Flaminian Way, both of these saints has been said to be the saint associated with the Patron Saint of Lovers "Saint Valentine".

The first of the Saints was considered to be a Roman Priest or Bishop of the Christian faith, who was also a physician and practiced his trade from his house. He was said to cure the sick of ailments, giving them special medicines or ointments. He was said to have done this out of the goodness of his heart sometimes refusing any payment whatsoever or accepting a loaf of bread or whatever could be spared by the sick. One Day the jailer bought his daughter to see Valentine, so as to see if she could have her sight gained and Valentine was said to have rubbed an ointment on her eyes and told the jailer to bring her back once a week to have the ointment rubbed on her eyes.

Every night he would pray under the dark of night for the sick to be cured. As a result of his beliefs he was arrested and thrown in jail. The jailer who could not do a thing went to see Valentine moments before he was to be executed at which point Valentine asked for a piece of paper and pen on the piece of paper it is said he was suppose to have written "from your Valentine" and inside the paper also was a blossom of which it is said gave the girl her sight.

The second of the Saints was said to have been a priest also, but, that he was secretly carrying out marriages of young lovers which under the Emperor Claudius II's laws at the time was forbidden, the reason being that Claudius did not want the men marrying because they must be able to concentrate on war and not their loved one.

Which ever story is true, today we celebrate St Valentine's Day by exchanging gifts such as cards, candy, flowers, etc. The reason why we celebrate it on February 14 is this was the day on which it is said that St Valentine was executed.

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