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Valentines Day in Scotland

    In Scotland Valentine’s Day is celebrated by having a festival. At the festival there is an equal amount of young unmarried (single) men and young unmarried (single) ladies who get together, each of them writes on a piece of paper their name or a made up name, this is then rolled up. The names are placed in two hats one for the men one for the ladies they then have to draw a piece of paper out of the hat. Both may end up with two valentines but the young man is suppose to stick with the valentine who has chosen him.

    This having been done the company has been split up into so many couples, gifts are given to the young ladies and the young ladies would wear the name of their valentine over their heart or on their sleeve. There might also be a dance and at the end of the festival there might even be a lot of marriages or romances.

    There is another valentine were the first young man or woman that by chance walks by you in the street, or elsewhere will be your valentine.

    In Scotland valentines gifts were given by both parties in the form of a love-token or a true-love-knot.

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