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Romantic Things To Do

  • Moonlight walk on the beach

  • Bunch of roses with a ring inside one of the flowers (suggested for those intending on proposing to their loved one)

    Reader's Suggestions

  • Put hersheys kisses all over the floor and leave a note saying "i kiss the ground you walk on"

  • Give your loved one a pizza with shape of a heart, a letter and a gift inside the pizza´s box.

  • Put a chocolate candy (Kisses) on the side of your couple, so when he came to your room, he will see it. Three days before of St. Valentine Day.

  • Put a rose in her side of the bed three days before of St. Valentine Day.

  • Scatter red rose petals on the floor to lead you to the person you love.

  • Cut out little hearts, a whole bunch of them, and put them inside a pretty card with a little glitter. When your beloved opens the card, magic comes out!

    Email us with any other suggestions you might have for romatic things to do.

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