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It All Adds Up


Romantic/Valentine's Day Movies:

When Harry Met Sally

Antony and Cleopatra

Romeo & Juliet

An Affair to Remember

Sleepless in Seattle

Love Story

When a Man Loves a Woman

The Way We Were

Max's Valentine

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown / A Charlie Brown Valentine

Winnie the Pooh - Un-Valentine's Day/A Valentine for You

Clifford - King Clifford/Be My Big Red Valentine


The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

My Bloody Valentine

The First Valentine

Funny Valentine

On Valentine's Day

Everyday is Valentine

Under the Tuscan Sun

Franklin's Valentine
Hamtaro - Ham Ham Valentine

Busy World of Richard Scarry - Be My Valentine

Muppet Babies: Be My Valentine

The Book of Pooh - A Valentine for Eeyore

Little Lulu: Valentine's Day

A Special Valentine with the Family Circus

Barney - Be My Valentine

Care Bears:Be My Valentine

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