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Valentines Day in France

    In France a custom of drawing for would occur, this was were young unmarried people as well as older unmarried people would go into houses facing each other and start calling out across from one window to another, pairing of with the one they have chosen. If the young man didn't fancy his valentine he would desert her and as a result afterwards a bonfire would be lit where the young ladies would burn images of the young man and would yell out abuse as she burnt the image of the young man.

    This eventually fell into dishonor because it left too much room for nastiness, ridicule or even malice. For example an unsavory type of man might be paired with a flirtatious young lady, just for fun.

    As a result of these customs the French government was forced into handing down a decree that there would be no more pairing or calling of Valentines.

    Also in France elegant greeting cards called cartes d'amities that contained tender messages were given not totally as a Valentine but mainly as a result of fashion going on in England.

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